About Mister Richard

Greetings and welcome to my site. I am a DJ / VJ based in Atlanta with an extensive catalog of danceable beats. Regarding my catalog’s musical styles and genres- if it makes you want to get up and move, I probably enjoy it but tend to specialize in Top 50 Dance, House (vocal / progressive / tech / deep), and a less extent Trance, and Techno for dance clubs & events.


Also have lots of Easy Listening / Downtempo / Chill / Covers & Golden Oldies for lounge & bar environments. I listen to and catalog just the best of around 80-100 tunes a month, so always have fresh music for playing out.


The real art of DJing is in customizing your sound and playlist for the audience and event that you’ve been invited to perform. I’m never on ‘auto-pilot’ and don’t mind taking requests if I have the track or video someone is wanting to hear and it is appropriate for the program I am performing that evening.